"Unlock the Secrets to Tax-Free Retirement Wealth: Learn How to Make Millions with Your Retirement Plan - Legally and Easily!"

 I would like to formally invite you to a class I’m teaching advanced strategies for 401k plans.  This is going to be all about moving as much as you possibly can, in a legal manner, into your Roth account. 

I’m not much of a hype man so I’m going to keep this really simple.  The one constant I see with 401k clients is they don’t understand how incredibly powerful their 401ks really are.  These accounts can be completely tax free and yet protected from the claims of creditors at the same time.  Just stop and think about that.   

To that end I’ve created a relatively simple, yet powerful, course to open your eyes to all the unbelievable results you can achieve with your 401k plan.  Some of the concepts I’m going to teach include:

  • How to use a special exemption to loan your plan an unlimited amount of personal funds.  Even better, by law you can’t charge interest on the loan!
  • How to generate tax deductions to move, tax free, your crypto, options, promissory note, or growth stock, into your 401k plan. 
  • How to use today’s interest rates to lower taxes on distributions and conversions by 40% or more.

Also, we have added a few hours worth of new material from previous classes.  In particular we are going to drill down on the techniques Wall Street has used for years to turn a few dollars into a million dollars almost over night.  Your 401k can use the same strategies. 

We are going to go step by step through a couple actual case studies, all using publicly available SEC records.   In fact we are going to discuss one often used tool that amounts to nothing more than 2 parties coming up with a number. . . any number. . . and making a bet on it.  Just imagine it, your plan has $50 in it and yet it can make a $10,000,000 bet with someone.  Wall Street does this all the time, but the amounts are a lot higher.    

I promise you that you aren’t going to be disappointed.  You can ask for all of your money back if at anytime during the first day you aren’t blown away with the info.  In all the years I’ve offered this class no one has ever taken me up on the money back guarantee.

Where:  The Airport Mariott, 77 NE Interstate 410 Loop, San Antonio, TX, 78216

When: July 7 & 8 

Cost:  $2,000, partners and prior attendees $1,000

This is not a sales event. We will not be trying to push you to purchase any other packages. This is going to be all about learning invaluable information, so that you can start living the life you deserve.  

Only 20 spots available. (We keep these small so they can be more interactive)  

Call 480-466-0401, or click the button below to reserve your place!