Prohibited Transaction Exemptions. . . modified?

There is a set of laws lurking out in the shadows that very few IRA owners are aware of, the prohibited transaction rules. Under the tax code, if an IRA owner accidentally runs afoul of these prohibited transaction rules, his IRA is considered fully distributed and fully taxable. What are these “prohibited transactions”? Basically any Read more about Prohibited Transaction Exemptions. . . modified?[…]

Roth 401k Conversions

When the new Roth 401ks (fancy name is designated Roth account) came out, a lot of people thought they would be able to convert their 401ks into Roth 401ks.  Unfortunately that wasn’t allowed at the time, but a proposed law could allow exactly that. Currently the Small Business Jobs Act ( seems to be stalled Read more about Roth 401k Conversions[…]