401Ks Protected

Are 401ks protected in bankruptcy?

Can your 401k be taken away if you file bankruptcy? As a general rule, 401ks are protected in bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy code has 2 different key sections that will protect your 401k funds. The first section is 541 of the bankruptcy code.  Under section 541, if there are restrictions on the ability of a beneficiary Read more about Are 401ks protected in bankruptcy?[…]

Inherited IRAs and Bankruptcy, what is THE LAW?

The other day I was talking with a friend, and they told me they were a bit irritated at their CPA.  It seems my friend asked the CPA a “basic” tax question and the CPA said they were going to have to research the subject and of course charge my friend for the research. My Read more about Inherited IRAs and Bankruptcy, what is THE LAW?[…]